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Each year Achievelax hosts Coaches Education classes in preparation for the upcoming spring lacrosse season.  This year, we will be directing our classes to assisting town youth programs.  We would like to invite the all of the youth girls lacrosse coaches in your town to attend 2-hour class at our office in Canton.  Our class will be structured to include all grade levels: 30 minutes will be spent on covering basic techniques, skills, and strategies and 90 minutes broken down into discussion groups by grade level to touch on age-appropriate drills, practice plans and team concepts.

We will format the class to discuss topics of a program's preference, but can include any of the following concepts:

  • Individual skills: stickwork, shooting, dodging, 1v1 attack/defense
  • Settled defense: double teams, sliding patterns, high vs. low pressure, zone defense vs. man-to-man
  • Settled offense: balance and spacing, cutting and picks, set plays vs. motions, 8-meter shooting
  • Goal Keeper training: hand-eye coordination, communication, presence out of the cage
  • Practice planning
  • Fitness training: strength work, conditioning, agility and footwork drills

Each coach will be given access to a variety of skill and drill videos in addition to our Achievelax Drill Manual. 

Classes will be offered on the following Wednesdays:

  • January 24 - No longer available; date reserved.
  • January 31 - No longer available; date reserved.
  • February 7 - No longer available; date reserved.
  • February 28 - No longer available; date reserved.
  • March 7 - No longer available; date reserved.

If you have any questions or are interested in reserving a date for your town program, please email Meredith Frank McGinnis at MeredithEFrank@gmail.com.   We will reserve evenings on a first come, first serve basis.  (If your coaches are interested in more than one class, please let us know as we can look to accommodate a second date as well.)

If you are interested in attending our Coaches Education Classes but you are not coming with your town program, please email Meredith at MeredithEFrank@gmail.com and we will be happy to schedule you to attend class with another program.