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AchieveLax and Mass Elite joined forces in the Spring of 2004 to form the ultimate lacrosse partnership! Mass Elite is the club lacrosse program affiliated with the AchieveLax organization.

Mass Elite was founded in the fall of 1999 with a small group of athletes who wanted to play more lacrosse. Paula Evans and Leslie Frank began this journey with their daughters and a group of serious athletes dedicated to play beyond their high school seasons. Mass Elite Lacrosse has grown to be a nationally recognized lacrosse club with players on college rosters across the country.

Mass Elite is dedicated to exposing youth and high school lacrosse players to college coaches, as well as providing an opportunity to play competitively in the off-season. Composed of elite players representing the strongest talent throughout the state of Massachusetts, Mass Elite competes against other all-star teams within the national circuit.

Mass Elite Club Lacrosse players who are selected to the team make a yearly committment participating in practices and tournaments from August to July.  Mass Elite teams have similar expectations to most high school and college teams as we expect our players to be committed and to make every attempt to be at all practices as well as participate in three to four tournaments a season. The players that succeed in our program recognize that their skill and athletic development is directly proportionate to the amount of time they practice and play.            

www.MassElite.com for program information and details!