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2017 Achieve Lacrosse Summer League
Milton High School

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Last Name First Name ACH TEAM Division
Connaughton Haley Red Dragon Club/College
Coulter Devin Red Dragon Club/College
Crosby Anna Red Dragon Club/College
Driscoll Emma Red Dragon Club/College
Egizi Kim Red Dragon Club/College
Garland Kori Red Dragon Club/College
Irish Ally Red Dragon Club/College
Martin Erin Red Dragon Club/College
McCormack Molly Red Dragon Club/College
Miceli Sarah Red Dragon Club/College
Navoni Jamie Red Dragon Club/College
O'Neil Johanna Red Dragon Club/College
Rabb Alex Red Dragon Club/College
Sweeney Melinda Red Dragon Club/College
Taylor Breanna Red Dragon Club/College
Andonian Grace White Knights Club/College
Bartkus Madison White Knights Club/College
Buchanan Abigail White Knights Club/College
Cartwright Kristina White Knights Club/College
Caster Hana White Knights Club/College
Farden Kelsey White Knights Club/College
Hayman Lee White Knights Club/College
Horst Abigail White Knights Club/College
Lacroix Jenny White Knights Club/College
Massimi Erin White Knights Club/College
Mellen Maren White Knights Club/College
Oconnor Sara White Knights Club/College
Quinlan Valerie White Knights Club/College
Rich Kelly White Knights Club/College
Roberts Abigail White Knights Club/College
Toomey Caroline White Knights Club/College
Bennett Larson Black Magic Club/College
Chanenchuk Tori Black Magic Club/College
Davidson Sophie Black Magic Club/College
D'Orsi Tess Black Magic Club/College
Goucher Kyra Black Magic Club/College
Kelsey Allie Black Magic Club/College
Lydon Meghan Black Magic Club/College
O'Neill Katharine Black Magic Club/College
Poulin Lucie Black Magic Club/College
Prouty Brielle Black Magic Club/College
Rabb Nola Black Magic Club/College
Smigliani Chachie Black Magic Club/College
Stoller Abby Black Magic Club/College
Tompkins Dani Black Magic Club/College
Turchetta Sophia Black Magic Club/College
Bisson Clara Pink Panthers Club/College
Bisson Brianna Pink Panthers Club/College
Cadogan Kylie Pink Panthers Club/College
Cahill Margaret Pink Panthers Club/College
Chen Hannah Pink Panthers Club/College
Gorman Emily Pink Panthers Club/College
Hodges Emma Pink Panthers Club/College
Kelly Katharine Pink Panthers Club/College
Kelly Aileen Pink Panthers Club/College
Quirk Courtney Pink Panthers Club/College
Rutherford Maggie Pink Panthers Club/College
Scheid Tessa Pink Panthers Club/College
Wolin Kelly Pink Panthers Club/College
Yenke Katharine Pink Panthers Club/College
Argiro Alison Blue Steel Club/College
Arlia Ivy Blue Steel Club/College
Conley Sarah Blue Steel Club/College
Jenkins Marley Blue Steel Club/College
Krall Gretchen Blue Steel Club/College
Lenaghan Lexi Blue Steel Club/College
MacAfee Keeley Blue Steel Club/College
McGinnis Meredith Blue Steel Club/College
Neyland Julia Blue Steel Club/College
Pinzone Taylor Blue Steel Club/College
Simmons Bridget Blue Steel Club/College
Thorbahn Taylor Blue Steel Club/College
White Robyn Blue Steel Club/College
Williams Mairead Blue Steel Club/College
Williams Aine Blue Steel Club/College
Doherty Brianna Purple Haze Club/College
Filbin Meghan Purple Haze Club/College
Grant Bailey Purple Haze Club/College
Healey Kelly Purple Haze Club/College
Healey Kaity Purple Haze Club/College
McDonough Katherine Purple Haze Club/College
McIntire Jill Purple Haze Club/College
Palombo Olivia Purple Haze Club/College
Pino Olivia Purple Haze Club/College
Pleshaw Mackenzie Purple Haze Club/College
Shannahan Taylor Purple Haze Club/College
Sharretts Emily Purple Haze Club/College
Snelling Logan Purple Haze Club/College
Wheaton Jennifer Purple Haze Club/College
Wright Kaleigh Purple Haze Club/College
Last Name First Name ACH Team Division
Baker Grace Archies/Milton High School
Blasdale Avery Archies/Milton High School
Dunn Kimberly Archies/Milton High School
McClay Melanie Archies/Milton High School
McDermott Maisy Archies/Milton High School
McDermott Kate Archies/Milton High School
Morris Caroline Archies/Milton High School
O Keefe Caitlin Archies/Milton High School
Ouellet Lydia Archies/Milton High School
Quill Lucy Archies/Milton High School
Quill Tara Archies/Milton High School
Salmon Aoidin Archies/Milton High School
Shea Christina Archies/Milton High School
Cunning Lauren Cohasset/FA High School
Cunning Katherine Cohasset/FA High School
Daly Callie Cohasset/FA High School
Donovan Madeleine Cohasset/FA High School
Farren Lauren Cohasset/FA High School
Greer Molly Cohasset/FA High School
Hanania Emily Cohasset/FA High School
Hansen Elle Cohasset/FA High School
Hansen Jane Cohasset/FA High School
O'Brien Quinlan Cohasset/FA High School
Placek Julia Cohasset/FA High School
Stoller Jackie Cohasset/FA High School
Yohannes Feven Cohasset/FA High School
Fitzgerald Shaye Needham/Dedham High School
Horard Victoria Needham/Dedham High School
Kilroy Kara Needham/Dedham High School
Lowney Alanna Needham/Dedham High School
Meyer Charlotte Needham/Dedham High School
Michals Madison Needham/Dedham High School
Oberle Elena Needham/Dedham High School
Turner Callie Needham/Dedham High School
Capone Mariel Mass Elite Blue High School
Day Courtney Mass Elite Blue High School
DeRubeis Julia Mass Elite Blue High School
Edwards Isabelle Mass Elite Blue High School
Glynn Sara Mass Elite Blue High School
Hasselbeck Annabelle Mass Elite Blue High School
Matthews Hanna Mass Elite Blue High School
McCarthy Aislinn Mass Elite Blue High School
Pontone Camille Mass Elite Blue High School
Quinn Victoria Mass Elite Blue High School
Breslin Caroline Mass Elite Red High School
Eberhardt Emma Mass Elite Red High School
Goodhue Amy Mass Elite Red High School
Katz Abigail Mass Elite Red High School
Marandett Lauren Mass Elite Red High School
Mayo Stella Mass Elite Red High School
McCusker Catherine Mass Elite Red High School
O'Keefe Nora Mass Elite Red High School
Petrone Ava Mass Elite Red High School
Prendergast Elle Mass Elite Red High School
Reynolds Ella Mass Elite Red High School
Balsamo Olivia Mass Elite White High School
Charpentier Taylor Mass Elite White High School
DiCenso Sophia Mass Elite White High School
Lehan Madison Mass Elite White High School
Masuret Maggie Mass Elite White High School
Reynolds Charlotte Mass Elite White High School
Ricciotti Gina-Marie Mass Elite White High School
Rinkus Nikki Mass Elite White High School
Roberts Maggie Mass Elite White High School
Ward Kylie Mass Elite White High School
Williams Evie Mass Elite White High School
Ahern Madison NDA High School
Burrill Madison NDA High School
Charette Cara NDA High School
Coughlin Maggie NDA High School
Drake Lilly NDA High School
Grattan Emma NDA High School
King Katie NDA High School
Kitchin Blakeslee NDA High School
Wilson Kylie NDA High School
Bellemore Jolie Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Bellemore Laurel Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Coffey Kendall Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Corcoran Caroline Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Farley Kayla Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Lee Kaitlyn Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Lenaghan Olivia Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Linell Audrey Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Roberts Maggie Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Walker Cameron Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Ward Casey Thayer/Norwell/FA High School
Aldrich Meg Wellesley/FA High School
Balter Maddy Wellesley/FA High School
Beckett Nicole Wellesley/FA High School
Burke Lauren Wellesley/FA High School
Chicoski Caitlin Wellesley/FA High School
Cummings Molly Wellesley/FA High School
Desmond Maja Wellesley/FA High School
Dolan Caroline Wellesley/FA High School
Goldstein Jenna Wellesley/FA High School
Lawrence Phoebe Wellesley/FA High School
Rademacher Lily Wellesley/FA High School
Subramaniam Sonia Wellesley/FA High School
Walsh Delia Wellesley/FA High School
Connaughton Mackenzie Westwood High School
Crowley Abigail Westwood High School
Curtin Caitlin Westwood High School
DeMaio Natalie Westwood High School
Finn Alexandra Westwood High School
Gaffney Jane Westwood High School
Hancock Katherine Westwood High School
Healy Tess Westwood High School
Hughes Morgan Westwood High School
Kutzer Ashley Westwood High School
Mackin Ashley Westwood High School
Michals Jessica Westwood High School
Noble Margaret Westwood High School
Porter Laura Westwood High School
Witherell Lauren Westwood High School
Witherell Madeline Westwood High School
Yanoff Danielle Westwood High School
Dempsey Drew Weymouth/FA High School
Gately Amber Weymouth/FA High School
Lobo Raune' Weymouth/FA High School
O'Brien Tarryn Weymouth/FA High School
Ritz Tina Weymouth/FA High School
Schuhwerk Ellie Weymouth/FA High School
Scigliano Claudia Weymouth/FA High School
Scigliano Sonya Weymouth/FA High School
Valicenti Paige Weymouth/FA High School
Valicenti Brooke Weymouth/FA High School
Bonacorso Ariana Winchester High School
Brassie Hannah Winchester High School
Brissette Issy Winchester High School
Carazza Anna Winchester High School
Doherty Tara Winchester High School
Fitzpatrick Devon Winchester High School
Healey Breah Winchester High School
Mestechkin Gabby Winchester High School
O'Hara Kate Winchester High School
Redler Mariah Winchester High School
Ross Ella Winchester High School
Taylor Abby Winchester High School
Westlund Emma Winchester High School
Wheeler Elizabeth Winchester High School